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The banking landscape has become more challenging after the recession, due to tougher regulatory requirements, increased competition and volatile consumer trust. In this context, banks’ profitability depends on optimal risk management, operational efficiency, and their customer centric approach. If you’re in the banking sector, smart software solutions are the cornerstone of your success.


The online tools offer the unique advantage of fully integrating activities aimed at final customers (online new accounts, online payment, online information through MyAccount) with interfaces of internal banking management systems.

Banks can now build strong relationships with their customers and regain their trust and satisfaction through MyAccount, eLoyalty and eMarketing tools and create appropriate marketing strategies based on the useful interactions with them.

Online Customer Self-Service Portal

MultiChannel Customer Communication


With up to one bankingBIllion people using mobankingBIle financial services by 2015, mobankingBIle banking software platforms are an essential investment of banks seeking scalabankingBIlity, flexibankingBIlity and cost effectiveness.

It allows banks to provide a true multi-channel experience on mobankingBIle and offer customers m-commerce opportunities, abankingBIding industry-leading security standards.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Mobile Document Management

Mobile bankingBI


It addresses the needs of the complete cycle of marketing, sales and service for banking products. It includes robust marketing automation and identifies up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, provides automated workflows that boost employee effectiveness, allows the use of relevant data from other systems. CRM systems also encompass regulations and compliance changes.

Sales Activity Monitoring Portal


Call Center



Enables banks to automate business processes like account opening/cancellations, loan approvals and post approval activities, credit card applications and account maintenance, or services such as payments, claims management, product consultations.

These features allow banks to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy and improve operational efficiency to reach business goals.


Allows banking units and other line of business users to collaborate effectively, increase referrals, and expand relationships with clients.

It facilitates collaboration among employees on day-to-day tasks via an intuitive Web interface, ensures implementation of standard project management frameworks to ensure quality and timely delivery, and allows managers and executives to gain visibankingBIlity into various project executions, measuring progress against strategic business objectives.

Business Intelligence

To better carry the load of operations from all bank branches spread across geographies, bankingBI delivers crucial business information to managers, employees, customers, and partners operating in the banking sector.

It allows historical analysis and forecasting B2C or B2B customer behavior, designing profitable financial products, performance budgeting, optimizing operational processes within the bank. It also encompasses regulatory compliance and risk management.

Data Warehouse

BI Portal

Risk Assesment Analysis

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