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Our end-to-end Loan and Credit Management solution enables you to manage loans and lines of credit under one robust and secure platform. It efficiently manages portfolios, increases transaction volume and rapidly brings new products to market.

Through a single database application, the Loan and Credit Management solution manages all aspects of a bank’s loan process: pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment processing, loan disposition, servicing and accounting.

Both users and managers are able to analyze the evolution of loan and credit approval in order to have an accurate overview of approval status, Through the Loan and Credit Management solution.

Main benefits:

  • End-to-end loan cycle management under one platform
  • A single point of entry that increases efficiency by eliminating redundant data, reducing errors and lowering maintenance and operating costs.
  • It provides a centralized loan portfolio that allows you to maintain a detailed loan history and audit trail from inception and generate comprehensive loan portfolio reporting from a single database.
  • It offers the ability to measure and mitigate risk with proactive, integrated portfolio analytics.
  • It lets you define your own workflows using flexible rules.
  • Payment reminders can be generated automatically before each payment date. This helps you track, monitor and reconcile payments.
  • It facilitates inter- department communication
  • It streamlines workflow processes
  • It helps you achieve increased SLA in order to obtain a better customer satisfaction
  • It offers structured information and powerful searching tools

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