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The reality of wholesale distribution businesses is characterized by growing costs and shrinking margins, higher competition, and demanding customers. At the same time, plenty of distributors are still using manual processes for forecasting, planning, collaboration. But that can’t be you. Your success as a wholesale distribution enterprise relies on anticipation – having a clear visibility into various processes – and business optimization – running operations efficiently, monitoring margins, building closer relationships with key suppliers & clients. Using smart software solutions puts you on the right track.


Our online platform helps distribution companies to build long-term relationships with both their key suppliers and clients, by providing them with tools that ensure centralized management of processes related to online trade.

The online tools offer the unique advantage of fully integrating activities aimed at final customers (online new accounts, online payment, online information through MyAccount) with interfaces of internal distribution management systems.

e-Commerce B2B

Online Customer Self-Service Portal

Multichannel Customer Communication


Improves the efficiency of sales agents by providing them with modern tools that work on their tablets or mobile phones.

The mobile solutions specially designed for distribution aim to increase sales team productivity through defined sales routes, activities, quotes & orders, real-time data about customers (invoices, payments, credit limit), onsite customer feedback and competitor information, higher awareness for marketing campaign and up-sell & cross-sell engines for mobile sales team.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Mobile Document Management

Mobile BI


Provides valuable information across the entire customer lifecycle: from lead through to sales opportunity, sales order and fulfillment, then renewal and support.

By providing a 360° view of customers, it creates ample opportunities for targeted marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, and a tailored customer experience.

Buyer Relationship Management

Project Management

Call Center


Enables businesses to translate their strategies into concrete plans, monitor execution, and provide relevant insight to manage and improve financial and operational performance, while complying with applicable regulatory statutes.

Thus, it helps wholesale distribution businesses manage a wide network of suppliers and even wider range network of customers.


Supports role based access to relevant data streams, both internally and externally.

Breaking down the silos that hamper communication, collaboration solutions enable demand and supply planning to establish a single view of consumer demand, support automatic sharing of information with key vendors to ensure on-time order arrival, higher order fill rates, and the optimal inventory levels to drive sales, joint business plan creation and monitoring.

Business Intelligence

Gives businesses in distribution a big picture of their performance by tapping into multiple systems: sales and marketing, supply chain, account, territory and resource management, incentive schemes.

Aligning production and inventory to customer demand becomes easier, so does the ability to track various business goals and fuel growth.

Data Warehouse

BI Portal

Sales Forecasting Analysis

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