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The Asset and Collateral Management Solution is designed to enhance users’ experience and performance by providing them with a business solution for simplifying their daily activities regarding asset and contract management processes, starting from centralizing any information related to an asset or contract, building budgets based on registered incomes and expenses, up to creating a business case to support any contracting operation: rent or sale.

Our Asset and Collateral Management Solution enables you to have an overview regarding your assets and the associated equipment and annexes. It offers integrated and effective support for everyday activities, which completes with minimal changes the beneficiary’s architecture of functionalities and systems and also provides an efficient reporting tool useful for the management’s decision-making.

The solution helps in managing the collateral budgets, it generates business cases to support the sales process, streamlines the contracting and invoicing processes and provides access to centralized documents related to collaterals. Moreover, it provides a higher quality of asset related workflows and performance and ensures operational transparency and efficiency by reducing manual input and data processing.

Main Benefits and Features:

  • Flexibility - adapts to new technologies as they arise;
  • Scalability - enables easy expansion of the system (application, infrastructure, data bases etc.) in proportion to the increasing workload;
  • Robustness – ensures information system stability, availability and security;
  • Availability - resumes operations in a very short time in case of disaster, without losing the information present in the system;
  • Easy operation - with corresponding consequences on productivity and training costs;
  • Modularization and parameterization – system and communication applications are easy to upgrade in case of new versions;
  • An open platform that enables integration with various applications- it works interfaced with the other systems of the beneficiary.

The Asset and Collateral Management Solution’s main purposes is to streamline the bank’s processes regarding real estate owned (REO) portfolio for administrative and planning purposes, to support the sales management process and reporting purposes for all types of collaterals (REO and non REO).

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