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Insurance is one of the most complex fields in financial services, characterized by high price pressure, uncertainty and fierce competition, topped by complex regulations. Driving the bottom line depends on the efficiency of multiple departments: sales, marketing, finance, underwriting, claims. Everyone in the insurance company needs to make optimal decisions and take advantage of top notch solutions – so that the insurance company is itself insured – for success.


An integrated online solution for sales, marketing, customer service and other processes e-nables insurance companies.

It offers the unique advantage of fully integrating activities aimed at final customers (online purchase, online payment, online information through MyAccount) with interfaces for internal insurance management systems.

Online Policy Sales

Online Claims Management

Online Customer Self-Service Portal

MultiChannel Customer Communication


Improves the efficiency of sales agents or claims officers by providing them with modern tools that work on their tablets or mobile phones.

Besides easy data input and image captions, there are features for digital signatures (directly on the tablets) or OCR (optical character recognition from various images – identity card, competitions’ claims etc – and their automatic transfer into the application).

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Mobile Document Management

Mobile BI


Contributes to nurturing customer loyalty and thus boosting revenues by streamlining processes: it provides the right tools across channels to keep policy holders satisfied, execute impactful marketing campaigns through effective referral management and leads assignment, maximize cross-sell & up-sell opportunities by assessing household portfolio.

CRM is also the right solution to enhance intermediary & agent management and empower workforce by giving them a holistic view on customer segmentation, interactions, complaints, policy holdings, claims. Integration with all sales channels (agents, brokers, affiliated, online) is also ensured.

Sales Activity Monitoring Portal


Call Center


Enables insurers to automate business processes for underwriting and submitting claims. Streamlined processes allow shifting the focus from data collection and management towards higher customer engagement and need satisfaction.

Advantages are clear and multiple: cost reduction, productivity improvement, better work allocation, less required process steps, upgradability, decreased cost to serve.


Policy Management

Claims Management


Upgrades mere communication to knowledge management in secure shared workspaces to ensure partners and personnel make optimal decisions.

Collaborative software serves brokers, agents, resellers through submission processing, automated endorsements & renewals, issuance of quotes & policy forms.

Business Intelligence

Addresses top management needs in terms of analyzing profitability and meeting business objectives (market share, new business, renewal) for each business unit and insurance category.

It allows defining performance indicators at a macro level, for the entire insurance company, and breaking these down to operating level, into daily/weekly/monthly objectives.

Data Warehouse

BI Portal

Risk Assesment Analysis

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