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Enterprise Intranet Solution

The Enterprise Intranet Solution is an instrument that addresses internal communication and that centralizes all information regarding specific internal processes and workflows within different departments. The intranet solution’s main goal is to improve the inter-department communication and the company’s interaction with the employees.

The Enterprise Intranet’s Solution main advantages are:

  • Integrates a collaboration environment inside the company.
  • Streamlines internal communication.
  • Increases the business processes efficiency.
  • Improves the employees’ work practices.
  • Reduces time spent in taking decisions and approvals.
  • Efficient workflows

The solution integrates a strong mechanism of collaboration and document management. All the basic functionalities of the Intranet Solution are focused on internal collaboration and the whole process is dynamic. It also provides great advantages in terms of document security, the access to various sections of the Intranet being conditioned by security rights policies.


  • Flexibility - it adapts continuously to new technologies as they arise;
  • Scalability - enables easy expansion of the system (application, infrastructure, data bases etc.);
  • Robustness – ensures information stability, availability and security;
  • Availability - resumes operations fast in case of disaster, without losing information;
  • Easy operation – increases productivity and reduces training costs;
  • Upgrades – applications are easy to upgrade in case of new versions;
  • Integrated – it integrates easily with other internal systems of the company

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