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In the retail industry, the consumer is truly the king: they are empowered to find the products that fit their needs perfectly, shop across channels with great convenience, and influence their peers. This reality demands from retailers differentiation and personalization with mass numbers. Our technology expertise and industry experience support retail companies in innovating continuously, streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction. By leveraging our team’s core capabilities, we deploy smart solutions that allow retailers to stay ahead of the game and respond to rapidly changing shopper expectations.


Users expect digital experiences to reflect the interactivity they enjoy in online communities. Businesses that build and nurture online communities create deeper connections that in turn increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

The more time users spend interacting with your site and other community members the deeper the relationship they build with your brand. Online tools allow retailers to optimize their community and get closer to their customers.

e-Commerce B2C

e-Loyalty Portal

Supplier Self-Service Portal

Multichannel Customer Communication


As more customers browse and shop on their mobile devices, it is imperative for a retailer to have an online presence optimized for mobile. Furthermore, mobile solutions considerably improve staff mobility and operational efficiency.

They ease the job of store managers and sale associates as they serve as a launch pad for their routine activities, from sales to inventory lookup, from marketing and merchandising to valuable retail analytics.

Mobile BI

Mobile e-Shop


Features CMS (content management system), multi-channel marketing tools, high security customer information storage, loyalty program management, e-purchase capabilities.

It enables retailers to boost profits by enabling increasing supply chain efficiency, pooling relevant customer information, segmenting marketing efforts.

Loyalty Program Management


Call Center


Provides management tools tackling financial operations, warehousing and order management systems in order to improve retailers’ business performance.

BPM software ensures automated financial processes that minimize errors and ease compliance burdens, higher marketing and promotion effectiveness, it simplifies managing the supply chain and enhancing back office operations, while providing real-time performance metrics.

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Is surfacing relevant information from different applications that serve disparate lines of business.

Once extracted, it streamlines sharing appropriate information both internally, among different corporate layers, and externally, with suppliers or partners.Managing internal communications, operating procedures and HR policies becomes easier, and so does distributing product and inventory information.

Business Intelligence

Often tops the list of software spending priorities for companies because it transforms massive amounts of data into visually exploring insights and relevant metrics that businesses can analyze and gear towards higher profitability.

Sales efficiency, inventory, operational costs, supply chains and consumer behavior are analyzed in order to help retail businesses develop accurate forecasts of sales and expenses.

Data Warehouse

BI Portal

Sales Forecasting Analysis

Customer Cluster Analysis

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