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Budget & Expenses Approval Management Solution

The Budget & Expenses Approval Management Solution enables your company to spend smarter and save money: it streamlines your expense report review, your approval cycles and it also reduces your company’s administrative effort. The solution helps you manage your company’s expenses anytime, anywhere. It also offers the possibility to setup customized business rules and configurable workflows for an automatic budget checking, approval routing, and expenditure oversight.

Main benefits:

  • It helps you to automatically route expenses online for approval
  • It provides automatic notifications in order to speed up the approval process
  • It helps your company simplify the management and tracking of business and travel expenses.
  • It offers accurate and updated reports in order for you to budget and forecast your future expenses.
  • The ability to track spending by a wide range of customized criteria gives you a better insight of spending trends and identifies areas for cost savings.
  • It minimizes the chance of approval errors.
  • It increases visibility of your employees’ spending.
  • It saves employees’ time and provides necessary spending controls.
  • It offers the possibility to attach expense documentation and receipts.

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